How to Partner Your Charity with a Business

Charities and businesses both benefit when they work together. If you want to bring awareness to a charitable cause, simply partner it with a business. Consumers like to associate themselves with companies that support worthy causes. A great example of this partnership can be seen during Christmas, when businesses send out charity Christmas cards .

So if you run a business or a charity and are interested in ‘partnering up’, here is our nine step guide:

1. Trustworthiness

It’ll ruin your company’s reputation if the charity turns out to be a fraud. On the other hand, the charity could lose all of its donation money if the business isn’t trustworthy. So make sure you do your research before entering into a partnership.

2. Contact the Other Party

Related to the previous point, make sure that you contact the charity before entering into a partnership. There should be contact or partnership information on the charities/businesses website.

3. Same Niche Market

Charity and business partnerships work best when they target the same market. For instance, if you own a music store, you could partner with a music-related charity. Charities are just like businesses in that they are interested in building a membership base.

4. Link the Company to the Cause

If your company is a store or a restaurant, pass out pamphlets describing the charity. Have employees wear buttons or pins to publicize the charity. Announce the partnership through your mailing list and send out promotional material such as newsletters and Christmas cards .

5. Consider Hosting A Charity Event

This is a great way to bring attention to both the cause and the business. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to host a charity event; sometimes newspapers won’t even charge for the advertisement.

6. ‘All Proceeds Go to a Worthy Cause’

The business should make it clear that a percentage of sales or profits will be going to the charity. Consumers will be more willing to buy if they know that a portion of the proceeds will go to a worthy cause.

7. Marketing

Many charities have hundreds and even thousands of people involved at every level – from volunteers and donors to lawyers and doctors. These people can really spread the word about your cause, so make sure they have enough flyers and hand-outs.

8. Encourage Charitable Marketing

Encourage the charity to market your business through the use of flyers, handouts, coupons or any other marketing means they deems necessary. You want to get the word out about your partnership so that both parties can benefit.

9. Considering Making the Partnership Long-Term

Charity and business partnerships don’t have to be a one-time affair. You might want to establish a full-time commercial partnership. Both parties would provide resources to run the venture. The business could provide the financial backing and the charity could provide the equipment and volunteers.

Partnerships take time to form; they require a lot of trust and co-ordination. Hopefully this article has shed some light on what you can do to partner your charity with a business (and visa versa).

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