Fun Party Games to Add to Your Christmas Celebration

Christmas is generally a fun time, as people gather together with family and friends around delicious food, and both give and receive presents. However, if you have ever hosted a Christmas party, you know well the stress and hard work that goes into ensuring everything is in place and there is enough entertainment to keep your guests happy. Below are some fun games that are appropriate for most ages, and best of all, they are easy to set up and extremely cheap too.

A-Carolling We Go

Have everyone write down their favourite Christmas carol on a piece of paper. It can be any song except for ‘Jingle Bells’. Then, have everyone write down five different numbers between one and 20. Start calling out numbers, and the people who have that number have to sing the carol they wrote down. After someone has all five numbers they wrote down called, they win. To claim their prize, the winner must sing one more song — none other than ‘Jingle Bells’. If it’s a shy group, you can keep the torture to a minimum and give your prizes throughout the game, and they can be for talents such as most enthusiastic singing, best solo, most original song, most off-key, etc.

Lost Reindeer

This is a great game for kids. Before the party, get a number of small, plastic or stuffed reindeer and hide them throughout the house. Make some of them easy to find and others more difficult. Tell the children that Santa’s reindeer have been lost somewhere in the house, and it is their job to find them. Each reindeer that is found can be exchanged for a small party favour.

Card crafts

This is another great activity for the kids, but is best done before Christmas. It is ideal if you are having a pre-Christmas gathering with friends and family where there will be a lot of children running around. To keep the little ones busy and out of everyone’s way, bust out the art supplies and have them make their own Christmas cards. Have plenty of crafty materials on hand to use, such as magazines, old greeting cards, fancy paper, stickers, etc., and this will keep the kids occupied while the adults are having fun with their own games.

Re-gift Lottery

This is a fun game and everyone leaves with something, although no one knows for sure what they will eventually get. Let every guest know that they should bring a gift item from previous years that they did not want. Have everyone place their gift on a table. Make enough raffle tickets for every guest and number them sequentially. Have everyone pick a ticket out of a hat. The person who has the ticket with the number one gets to go first and pick a gift from the table.

Here are the rules: 1) No unwrapping gifts before you choose it; 2) Instead of choosing a gift on the table, you may choose to “steal” another person’s gift; 3) A gift cannot be stolen more than two times; 4) The first person who goes gets a chance to “steal” another’s gift at the end, forcing them to trade gifts. The re-gift lottery is a sure way to get your crowd animated and involved at your Christmas celebrations.

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