Why Gift Baskets Can Help Seal That Deal

Corporate gift baskets are a great idea for presents in the work place. Without being too personal, you can design your own hampers to suit each company and their employees. With budget cutbacks now happening with many businesses, the difference between losing and gaining a client could be determined by the act of generosity. By putting together gift hampers, you can stand with an advantage over your competitors and make a good impression while advertising your business at the same time.


Sending a hamper for a gift as a good-will gesture can help to foster a decent working relationship with the receiver. Whether it is for potential clients or for new clients, expressing your gratitude for their business can be highlighted through this generous gesture. Considering the tightened economy and lack of personal attention in the corporate world, a hamper can show that the client is valued and can help to secure a deal or sustain existing business.


In addition to this, the baskets can be used as corporate holiday gifts which can be used as an end of year or congratulatory presents for employees. They can provide a variation of products suited to the individual giving them the benefit to enjoy a range of different gift baskets rather than one.


The key to making the basket successful is to ensure that the items are ones that will be used frequently and are desired. Incorporating some personalized gifts can also show that thought has been put into the hamper, making people appreciate what they have received so much more. If the items are well chosen they will be used often and will increase the company’s visibility. The items can range from low to high prices – just as long as they are practical.


Corporate gift hampers can bring positive attention to a company and increase the company’s face within an industry. They are a simple and effective way to help distinguish a company from its competitors and are a gift that can be directed to a number of staff rather than just one.

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How to Choose a Charity to Support

Choosing a charity to support can be extremely difficult, as there are so many fantastic groups out there doing amazing work. However, most people can’t afford to support more than one charity, so you may have to make some tough decisions. It is great that you want to help, but choose your charity carefully so your support can be of the maximum help. The following is a look at some of the things to consider when deciding on a charity to support.

It the charity local?

It is always a good idea to try to support your local community, so if there is a charity doing good work in your area, supporting it will be helping to support your community as a whole. Not only will you then be helping contribute to assistance and solutions in your area, but you will also personally benefit from having a healthier, happier community in which to live. Supporting a local charity will give you the opportunity to become far more involved in the community too, and allow you to support in ways other than by just giving money.

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Great Ways to Stay in Touch With Your Family

If you don’t live with your family any more, whether you have moved to the other side of the city, the country or the world, it is important that you find ways to keep in touch, because your bonds with your family should be able to overcome any distance. The following is a look at some of the ways you can keep in touch with your family, no matter where you are.


The more often you are able to see your family the better, and even though it might be difficult if you live on the other side of the world, whenever you get the chance, you should do your best to visit. Even though you can keep in touch in a lot of other ways as well, nothing compares to spending some time together in person.

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Fun Party Games to Add to Your Christmas Celebration

Christmas is generally a fun time, as people gather together with family and friends around delicious food, and both give and receive presents. However, if you have ever hosted a Christmas party, you know well the stress and hard work that goes into ensuring everything is in place and there is enough entertainment to keep your guests happy. Below are some fun games that are appropriate for most ages, and best of all, they are easy to set up and extremely cheap too.

A-Carolling We Go

Have everyone write down their favourite Christmas carol on a piece of paper. It can be any song except for ‘Jingle Bells’. Then, have everyone write down five different numbers between one and 20. Start calling out numbers, and the people who have that number have to sing the carol they wrote down. After someone has all five numbers they wrote down called, they win. To claim their prize, the winner must sing one more song — none other than ‘Jingle Bells’. If it’s a shy group, you can keep the torture to a minimum and give your prizes throughout the game, and they can be for talents such as most enthusiastic singing, best solo, most original song, most off-key, etc.

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A Fun Introduction to Charity Greeting Cards

Giving Hope: A History of Modern Charity

The concept of philanthropy goes back thousands of years and is present in every culture, but the western concept of charity goes back to almost a thousand years.

Fall of the Roman Empire

In the Dark Ages, following the collapse of the Roman Empire, the work of caring for the poor and needy in European society fell exclusively to the monasteries and the monks who ran them. It was widely believed that caring for the less fortunate was God’s work.

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A Concise History of Christmas Card Imagery

The Christmas card has been around for almost 170 years, first making its appearance in England thanks to Sir Henry Cole.

Cole was desperate to tell everyone he knew that they should be supporting those less fortunate around Christmas and so had a card commissioned which depicted the feeding and clothing of the poor. The card also had a centre panel depicting a happy family drinking wine together, which caused a scandal as the children were also drinking. Following the scandal, Sir Henry reportedly didn’t send cards the next year, but he had started a tradition that continues to this day.

As the Christmas card tradition slowly took hold in the late 1800s and early 1900s, cards made by artists Kate Greenaway, Frances Brundage and Ellen Clapsaddle proved extremely popular. Cards at this time were ultra-elaborate, and often featured silk fringes, a wide array of shapes, and even pop-up designs of tiny mangers or images of children skating on frozen ponds. Receiving a Christmas card in this era was a real gift in itself.

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Where Does Santa Come From?

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Santa — even though, in fact, he has nothing whatsoever to do with the birth of Jesus. So before you start telling your kids all about Santa, and where he comes from, make sure you have your facts in order. You may have seen his face on Christmas cards at the charity card shop, but you may be surprised at how little you know about the jolly big fella.

Saint Nicholas

The origin of modern Santa goes back to the 4th Century AD, and a man who was at the time the Bishop of Myra. This Bishop was reported to have performed a number of miracles involving both children and sailors, and due to his massive popularity, he was given his own “feast day” celebration, marked for December 6 each year.

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Christmas Dessert Recipes to Cook With Kids

Cooking Christmas treats with your kids can be one of the highlights of the season, especially when the recipes are simple, easy and virtually guaranteed to work out. The following recipes are great ones to try with your kids this Christmas.

Gingerbread people recipe


  • 3-½ cups all-purpose flour
  • 1-½ teaspoons ground ginger
  • 1-½ teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • ¼ teaspoon salt

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When Should You Start Buying Christmas Supplies?

Even though we celebrate it every single year, there are still a surprising amount of supplies that need to be bought for Christmas each time around. When it comes to getting your Christmas supplies in a timely fashion, you can’t organise yourself too early; if you have ever been shopping on Christmas eve and seen the desperation in people’s eyes, you’ll now that you can certainly leave it too late. The following looks at the strategy behind shopping for Christmas supplies.

Buy for next year, this year

When you are buying your Christmas supplies for this year you should already be thinking about next year, so if you come across some particularly awesome supplies that you want to have stock up on, feel free to do so. You’ll be so impressed with yourself this time next year when you realise you have already covered yourself through last year’s preparations. Christmas cards and decorations are both easy items to load up on.

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